Alpha Xi Delta

Delta Chi at University of Northern Iowa


We are proud to announce that we have the highest GPA in the FSL community with an active member GPA of 3.35 and 35 sisters on the Dean's list! 

As Alpha Xi Deltas at the University of Northern Iowa, we are made up of a diverse group of women. Despite our differences we all share a common goal of graduating from UNI and becoming successful in our future careers! Along with our love for sisterhoods is our dedication to academics. We push each other to work harder in school through group study dates, sharing notes and knowledge, and ultimately motivating eachother to be the best version of ourselves. To motivate our sisters to go that extra mile in their classes we have a few incentives for them to be successful. Every week at our chapter meeting a Brilliant Bear is given to the sister that has shown the most dedication and hard work towards their academics. Along with receiving the Brilliant Bear is our points systems, sisters can earn study points on assignments, tests, and quizzes that they have done well on. These points go towards prizes earned at the annual study auction during the spring semester. These incentives ultimately help our sisters to strive for academic success!