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Chapter Philanthropy

Chapter Philanthropy


Chapter Philanthropy


         Autism Speaks is one of the largest advocates for Autism awareness. On April 2, 2009, Alpha Xi Delta announced their National Partnership with Autism Speaks. Being able to work with Autism Speaks on a more personal level is incredibly rewarding. The hard work and dedication that Autism Speaks carries out are admirable and inspiring. Between promoting solutions, advocating for individuals on the autism spectrum and providing support and resources for their families, they continue to make an impact. Their mission involves increasing understanding and acceptance of people with autism spectrum disorder; advancing research into causes and better interventions for autism spectrum disorder and related conditions.

          At the University of Northern Iowa, the Delta Chi chapter of Alpha Xi Delta is incredibly grateful to be working with Autism Speaks. Autism Speaks has accomplished so much and we could not be more proud to work with such an amazing and inspiring organization.


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Step It Up for Autism Speaks 5K

          This event is geared towards raising money for Autism Speaks and Autism Awareness. Students are encouraged to bring friends and family to help us support Autism Speaks. Not only do we have a good time walking to raise awareness. We also have a Buffalo Wild Wings eating competition!


Xi Man

          Xi Man is the male beauty pageant hosted by the Delta Chi chapter of Alpha Xi Delta. We ask men that are actively involved in on-campus activities to participate in our event. We have a silent auction, as well as jars that are passed around to help support our candidates. 

Tacos with the Alpha Xi's

         Get excited for Tacos! Tacos with the Alpha Xi's is a very successful event usually hosted in the Fall semester. It's a fun event full of yummy tacos and of course, salsa and chips. Along with the delicious food, we have a salsa competition and a bake sale. Admission to Tacos with the Xi's is just $5 before the event and $7 at the door of the event. We can't wait to host it again for the fourth time this Fall!


Glow Run 5K

          We have hosted a glow run to raise money, understanding, and acceptance for Autism Speaks. We loved spending time with our sisters and getting together for such an amaXing philanthropy! We can't wait for future runs!



Other Involvement 

          The Delta Chi chapter of Alpha Xi Delta is a proud supporter of the Spectrum Theater that is right here on the University of Northern Iowa campus. Spectrum Theater is a way for children on the Autism Spectrum to get a chance to interact with other students and have fun. Many of our sisters love to volunteer with them and we are so grateful to have Spectrum Theater on our campus.  Without Autism Speaks, we would not be able to have all of these rewarding opportunities to be involved in, and for that, we are so grateful!