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Chapter Officers

Chapter Officers

Emily Jenkins

Chapter President

I am a junior majoring in Secondary Social Science Education with minors in marketing and social and emotional learning. I chose Alpha Xi Delta because the women here made me feel welcomed, safe and accepted. I knew Alpha Xi Delta was going to be my forever home, and being a part of this sisterhood is truly amazing. I love my position because I get to work with everyone in the chapter and collaborate amongst all of the teams. I am here as support for all of the positions and I love seeing the creativity, dedication, and love that everyone has for the chapter!

Allyson Milder

Chapter Life Vice President

I am a Junior majoring in Finance, Management Information Systems, and Marketing. I choose Alpha Xi Delta because of the people I connected with through primary recruitment and knew that Alpha Xi Delta felt like home away from home for me. I love getting to help people form connections with other sisters through all of the events that I oversee.

Kylee Lombard

Member Development Vice President

I am a junior majoring in Digital Media Marketing. I chose Alpha Xi Delta because of the instant connections I made. I felt liked I belonged, and I found who I was through these girls. I love being someone people can come to and ask for help. I also love learning new things, so this position taught me a lot of things about myself and new skills I didn't know I could do!

Seterah Dillon

Communications Vice President

I'm a third-year marketing major, and I joined Alpha Xi Delta in April 2023. The girls seemed so genuine and supportive, which was what I was looking for in a sorority. What I love about being communications vice president is coming up with new ways to promote Alpha Xi Delta. I also love working with my council! I have made so many connections, and I always tell people that my only regret in college is not joining sooner!

Jordyn Baughman

Membership Vice President

Hello :) My name is Jordyn Baughman and I am the Membership Vice President of the Delta Chi chapter of Alpha Xi Delta! I am a junior majoring in Elementary Education with a minor in Social Emotional Learning and Math teaching. I chose Alpha Xi Delta because I wanted to be surrounded by supporting women who would push me out of my comfort zone. When I first came to University of Northern Iowa, I was very shy and struggled to speak my mind, whereas now I don't second guess myself around my sisters. I have learned so much about myself and made so many amazing memories that I will cherish when my time here comes to an end. I adore my position because I get to share my chapter with women who might struggle with the very things I struggled with. I also love being able to see new members come out of their shells and embrace who they are. Boasting about my sisters is the easiest thing to do when I adore every single one of them <3

Katelyn Schumacher

Finance and Operations Vice President

I'm a second year and am double majoring in Accounting and MIS. I chose Alpha Xi Delta because during recruitment, I made such strong connections with the girls I talked to and felt at home. Since recruitment, my connections have grown so much and have gained so many different opportunities, including leadership. I love my position because it is in the realm of what I want to do with my career and is giving me great experience. I also love being able to serve on the executive committee amongst amazing women. It has already given me so much growth and I can't wait to see where it will continue to take me.

Liv Parsons

Philanthropy Vice President

I’m a junior studying communication sciences and disorders with minors in gerontology and educational studies! I chose Alpha Xi Delta because of the genuine connections I was able to make during recruitment. I have felt so loved by all of my sisters during my time in the chapter, and I have been able to accomplish so much! I really enjoy being philanthropy vice president because it has given me the opportunity to become even more connected to our philanthropic focus and helping out our community. I enjoy being able to share my love of volunteering with my sisters and support our local impact organization, the Cedar Valley Angels.

Kendra Kasperbauer

Panhellenic Delegate

I'm a freshman interior design major! I chose Alpha Xi Delta because I could tell right away that this chapter was filled with strong women who were committed to the chapter, as well as University of Northern Iowa. I love my position because it allows me to get to know other women outside of just Alpha Xi Delta. I also love it because I get to represent our chapter and what we stand for!!